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Bulletin No. Description  
GCSP General Code of Safe Practices for Production  
1 Recommendations for Safety with Firearms And Use of "Blank Ammunition"  
2 Special Use of "Live Ammunition"  
3 Guidelines Regarding the Use of Helicopters in Motion Picture Productions  
3A Addendum "A" External Loads – Helicopter  
4 Stunts  
5 Safety Awareness  
6 Animal Handling Rules for the Motion Picture Industry  
7 Recommendations For Diving Operations  
8 Guidelines for Traditional Camera Cars  
8A Addendum "A" - Process Trailer/Towed Vehicle  
8B Addendum "B" - Camera Boom Vehicles  
8C Addendum "C" - Power Line Distance Requirements  
9 Safety Guidelines for Multiple Dressing Room Units  
10 Guidelines Regarding the Use of Artificially Created Smokes, Fogs and Lighting Effects  
11 Guidelines Regarding the Use of Fixed-Wing Aircraft in Motion Picture Productions  
11A Addendum "A" - External Load Guidelines  
12 Guidelines for the Use of Exotic Venomous Reptiles  
13 Gasoline Operated Equipment  
14 Parachuting and Skydiving  
15 Guidelines for Boating/Watercraft Safety for Film Crews  
16 Recommended Guidelines for Safety with Pyrotechnic Special Effects  
17 Water Hazards  
18 Guidelines for Safe Use of Stunt Air Bags, Boxes or Other Freefall Catch Systems  
19 Guidelines for the Use of Open Flames on Motion Picture Sets  
20 Guidelines for Use of Motorcycles  
21 Guidelines for Appropriate Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment  
22 Guidelines for the Use of Elevating Work Platforms (Scissor Lifts) and Aerial Extensible Boom Platforms  
22A Addendum "A" - Power Line Distance Requirements  
23 Guidelines for Working with Portable Power Distribution Systems and Other Electrical Equipment  
23A Addendum "A" - Power Line Distance Requirements  
23B Addendum "B" - Basic Electric Safety Precautions for Motion Picture and Television Off Studio Lot Location Productions  
23C Addendum "C" – Working With 480 Volt Systems  
23D Addendum "D" – Common Motion-Picture and Television Tasks and Associated Personal Protective Equipment  
23E Addendum "E" – Guidelines for Meeting National Electrical Code (NEC) Grounding Requirements for Portable Generators Supplying Portable Equipment in the Motion Picture and Television Industry  
24 California OSHA Safety Requirements for Handling of Blood and Other Potentially Infectious Materials  
25 Camera Cranes  
25A Addendum "A" - Power Line Distance Requirements  
26 Preparing Urban Exterior Locations for Filming  
27 Poisonous Plants  
28 Guidelines for Railroad Safety  
29 Guidelines for Safe Use of Hot Air Balloons  
29A Addendum "A" - External Load Guidelines for Safe Use of Hot Air Balloons  
30 Recommendations for Safety with Edged and Piercing Props  
31 Safety Awareness When Working Around Indigenous "Critters"  
32 Food Handling Guidelines for Production  
32A Addendum "A" - Los Angeles County Health Advisory  
33 Special Safety Considerations when Employing Infant Actors (15 days to Six Months Old)  
34 Guidelines for Working in Extreme Cold Temperature Conditions  
34A Addendum "A" Wind Chill Chart
35 Safety Considerations for the Prevention of Heat Illness  
36 Recommended Guidelines for Safely Working Around Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)  
36A Addendum "A" - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Exemption Summary  
37 Vehicle Restraint Systems Seat Belts & Harnesses  
38 Guidelines for Inclement or Severe Weather  
39 Safety Guidelines for Using Foam(ed) Plastics in Set and Prop Construction  
40 Safety Guidelines for Non-Camera Utility Vehicles  
  All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Safety at Work (Not AMPTP -Dept. of Health and Human Services)  
41 Recommended Guidelines for Safely Working On and Around Gimbals  
42 Guidelines for Alternative Driving Systems  
Guideline No. Description  
1 Special Procedures For Minors Performing Physical Activities  
  CALIFORNIA CHILD LABOR LAWS - 2013 (Not AMPTP - State of California)  
  BLUE BOOK - The Employment of Minors in the Entertainment Industry (Not AMPTP - State of California)  
Safety & Health Awareness Sheet – Extended or Successive Takes  
Safety & Health Awareness Sheet – Guidelines for Handling Freshly Painted or Printed Backdrops and Other Graphic Arts  
Safety & Health Awareness Sheet – Photographic Dust Effects  
Safety & Health Awareness Sheet – Guidelines for Reducing the Spread of Influenza-Like Illness