Warner Bros. is committed to employee safety.  These Codes of Safe Practices (CSP) have been prepared to inform employees of safety issues associated with their positions, and to recommend ways of preventing injuries while on the job.  However, Warner Bros. cannot monitor every employee, in every situation, every minute of the day to ensure that these CSP are being followed.  We need each employee to be committed to using safe work practices every day.  Each employee, for his own personal safety and the safety of fellow workers, must take responsibility for using safe work practices, and should report to his or her supervisor any unsafe conditions or practices observed.
Document receipt of Codes of Safe Practices by signing an Acknowledgment Form.
Rolling Garment Racks
Rotational Casting Machine
Bungee Cords
Heat: Cal/OSHA Heat Advisory
Table Saws
Working at Heights-Controlled Access Zone
Working at Heights-Fall Rescue
Working at Heights-Fixed Ladders
Nail Guns Working at Heights-Full Body Harness
Working at Heights-General Ladder Safety
Pallet Jacks and Trucks Working at Heights-Permanents (Stages 23, 29 and 32)
Personal Protective Equipment Working at Heights - Permanents
Fall Restraint Power Presses Working at Heights - Below the Perms
Fire Safety Power Tools Working at Heights-Rooftops
Firearms Respirators Working at Heights-Rope Grabs Single
Fixed Costume Racks Restroom Cleaning English Working at Heights-Rope Grabs Multiple
  Roller Shade Machine X-Ray Equipment